Production Dairy: Day 1

Filming – 13th March 2016

Today was the first day of producing my music video. I decided to film at an outside location because I only needed a couple shots,as they will not feature hugely in my film. I chose the abandoned Harwich forts to film first. As the weather has been good recently the ground wouldn’t be muddy. This is the location in which Evelyn runs away to as she can no longer handle her mum. The shots filmed here will appear nearer the end of the music video. I dressed Evelyn in warm clothing, however it was mix and match colours to indicate these were the only clothes she had. A sleeping bag was wrapped around her to clearly exhibit her homeless status.

Once I arrived, there were many forts to choose from. I decided to pick one that had shelter and the one that looked most ‘liveable’. I settled for a circular shaped one as it was easy to film in  also had interesting structure and graffiti. However, there was also a large building that looked aesthetically pleasing and had a fantastic view behind it, so I wanted to incorporate this into my video.

I directed Evelyn well and made sure I filmed all of the shots I had drawn on my story board. The part in which a picture was burning in front of Evelyn’s face was the hardest part to film. The problem that arose was it was too windy and the flame kept blowing out. Once it finally lit, It accidentally fell out of Evelyn’s hand, as I only brought one picture along I had to abandon this shot.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a fort which I wanted to use in my music video. I told Evelyn to improvise and do whatever she thought her character would do. She slid down the side of the wall and buried her head into her knees. This shot worked well and is very effective in displaying emotion.


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