Production Diary: Day 2

Editing – 14th March 2016

This was the first time I edited my music video. I downloaded all the clips I had filmed the previous day at the abandoned forts and added them to Premier Pro. I went through each one and cut them choosing the best footage, there were several good shots. Putting footage into chronological order it made more sense and was ready to combine with the other stories. Next, I added a black and white filter to every clip in the time line together with slow motion.

I had one shot, an extreme close up of Evelyn staring into the camera. This clip in particular stood out from the rest as her eyes caught the light. So, I decided to leave her eyes their true colour but put the rest of the clip in black and white. This makes her eyes really stand out. I did this by using colour leave, which is an effect on Premier Pro.

I lastly added the music to the clips and I found that one of my favourite pieces of footage from the abandoned forts went very well with the last bit of music. The action in the shot matches the beat so well, I will keep it for the closing shot.


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