Production Diary: Day 3

Filming – 15th march 2016

Today I filmed some impressionist shots for my music video and also a few shots of Evelyn at an inside location.

The first shot I did consisted of putting paint onto a canvas and filming the paint slowly drip downwards. I first used black poster paint and it worked really well. However, I wanted to add another colour in to see what it looked like. So, I added in green it gave a very interesting look. I think when this is in back and white it will look very unusual and will make my video look unique .

media blog
Paint dripping down canvas

My second impressionist shot was dropping ink into water. I achieved this by filling an empty fish tank with water and placing a white sheet behind it. I picked red food colouring to represent blood and dropped it into the water. I got this inspiration from ‘ Jay z’s – Onto The Next One‘ in which ink way dropped into water and gave a really cool effect.

media blog two
Paint dripping down canvas

My last impressionist shot I filmed was of several pieces of rope being tied into a knot. I included this shot so the viewer can interpret it in any way they desire. I feel that this shot is simple but can allow me to do some special effects over the top.

Evelyn was available this day so I also managed to get her to do some quick shots. Evelyn stood in front of the camera and did many actions to express to the audience that she could not take any more. These shots are very emotional and I personally believe that they will work well within the music video. I then decided to pour paint over Evelyn for an impressionist shot I had written down. This was very hard to complete but I believe I had a good shot amongst the footage.


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