Production Diary: Day 4

Filming – 16th March 2016

Today was my second day filming. Gemma was my main focus of filming today and I wanted to get most of her shots filmed. I managed to successfully film all of the parts in which she was in, so I will only have to meet up with her one more day so I can record the outside locations.

Gemma wore dark clothing as this is a connotation of death, which is a huge part of Gemma’s story line. Once she arrived we added black paint to her eyes to give the illusion she has been crying. I then, using a red pen, drew lines on her wrist to indicate she has been self harming. A couple of shots later I added water to Gemma’s face to make it seem as if she was crying. This worked successfully.

Gemma brought a picture along with her which was an old picture of her and her dad. I got her to draw over his head to look like he is being ‘removed from the picture’. She then ripped up the picture up and let the pieces drop to the ground. I also asked Gemma to draw a depressing image to express her character’s thoughts.



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