Production Diary: Day 5

Editing – 17th March 2016

After filming Gemma’s story line I did some impressionist shots, I downloaded all of the clips onto the computer. I renamed all the clips so they are easily identifiable when I am editing them in Premier Pro.

I first edited all the clips selecting the best shots. Then I added a black and white filter to all of them. After doing this, I put all of the shots that I had of Gemma onto my timeline and placed them into a sequence. This makes it easier for me to put together the end product and clarifies the order of the clips. These inter-cut with the other stories.

After doing this, I decided to manipulate a couple of the impressionist shots. The one in which the ink was dropped into the water was one that I wanted to experiment with. I decided to mirror the image, this gave a very cool effect. I will be using this in my music video at some point as it is unique. I then sped up these clips to see if the clip looked better. Once I did this I thought the clip was greatly improved compared with the original.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 14.33.08

Lastly, I spaced out the story of Evelyn and Gemma on my story board ready to start putting everything into place.


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