Production Diary: Day 6

Filming – 17th March 2016

It was Megan and Callum’s turn to be filmed. This couple are in an abusive relationship so arguments needed to be made. Firstly, I got them to stand in front of the camera and asked them to argue. This was pretty difficult, however once they got into the moment the shots were fantastic, they looked very realistic. They then pretended to hit each other, and pushing one another to the ground. These shots look really good on camera and I am really happy with them. Also, they sat on the floor and Callum pretended to say sorry to Megan. Many people will relate to this shot which is the main purpose of the music video. I lastly recorded close ups and mid shots of the actors separately. They shouted and stared into the camera to express emotion.

I made sure whilst filming that the camera was steady for the whole duration and ensured that the continuity was at its greatest. I tried to mix up the shots while Callum and Megan argued but I found a mid shot was the most appropriate. This was mainly because it was close enough to see the emotions on the face but also far away enough to see  hand gestures, as it was very important to include these.


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