Production Diary: Day 8

Filming – 9th April 2016

Today I filmed the flashback scenes and the death aftermath for the story line of an abusive relationship. I wanted the flashbacks to appear on the beach as this is a place where most people have happy memories. The couple hugged and spun each other along the waterfront with the waves in the background. I did several shots of the same action but played around with zooming in and zooming out. At the time I thought the idea failed and just carried on with keeping the camera still. However, when it came to downloading them onto the computer the clips looked really good and zooming really adds something different to the music video. I changed the positioning whilst filming and had the sun situated behind the actors, this meant that the actors really stood out and attention was on them.

The location then changed to the graveyard. I picked a grave yard that was pretty old so it was not in constant use. I made sure that I picked a headstone that looked modern so the video looked as realistic as possible. I only did a couple of shots here, but made sure that I did them to the highest standard and that I could edit them together to make a seamless cut.

Lastly I went home and filmed the ‘smashing bottle’ shot. I filmed outside on my garage wall, I placed fabric on the floor to contain the broken glass, to prevent injury. I threw 7 bottles against the wall to make sure I got the perfect shot. I look forward to seeing how this turns out.



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