Production Diary: Day 9

Editing – 12th April 2016

Today I wanted to mess around with effects and make my impressionist shots look more interesting. I thought I would play around with the smashing of the glass bottle. I watched it over and believe that there wasn’t much going on so I mirrored the shot. I also copied the clip again and then reversed it. To me this symbolises regret. However, I want the audience to interpret it how they desire. 

A shot of the flowers was then played around with. I copied and pasted the video clip three times, then layered them one on top of each other. The opacity was changed on each of the three and was moved to different places along the screen. This meant that there were 3 sets of flowers being thrown instead of just one. This looked really good and I placed it in my music video straight away.Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 09.52.08.png


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