Production Diary: Day 13

Filming – 28th April 2016

Today I shot the last part of my music video. This was the part where it was explained why Evelyn decided to run away. To make it clear, her mother was an alcoholic, she was positioned collapsed in a chair with a glass in her hand and empty wine bottles all round her. The problem that I faced was the way the wine bottles  were placed looked unrealistic. However, when I watched the clips back it didn’t look over exaggerated.

Whilst filming I made sure I created a seamless edit, I did this when Evelyn stormed out the door. I made sure that when I was filming, Evelyn stood in the exact same position. This result was very successful.

Lastly, to make sure my filming had the highest possible continuity, I asked Evelyn to wear the same clothes as she did when she ran away. This was to show the audience she had not gone home and that she was wearing the only clothes she owned.


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