Documentary Production: Day 3

Editing 1st November 2016

I was very busy today! As I made the logo last lesson I thought it was best to make the name tags and my title. these are titles that appear when a new person is speaking and to inform who they are to the audience. I wanted to keep them simple so they wont take the attention away from the person speaking. I also wanted to keep the same text in everything I make to keep high continuity and professionalism. Courier new was used in my logo therefore will now be used in the rest of my documentary.

My title was first to be made. I used courier new and typed my title and it went onto two lines. I really liked that it went onto two lines but it just didn’t look like a title. I came up with putting a white line in between the text and loved the outcome. it was simple but fit the purpose and was quite effective. I added movement to the title to make it seem like it was sinking into the background. I made these titles on premier pro. As the title was so successful the name titles were created the exact same way just this time without movement.

The last thing was downloaded all the images I took on the previous day and added movement to all of them. I made sure that I switched it up so some images move up and down and others move left to right.screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-09-01


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