Documentary Production: Day 10

Editing 18th November 2016

Following on from last lesson, I added the Skype interview with Louise into my timeline. I found this very difficult to do. As Dawn told such a detailed story about Williams life, it was hard then to add someone else’s input into the story. What I had to do was delete a story that dawn told if Louise spoke about it so I didn’t have two of the same story.

I watched the documentary back and I found it quite dull. Even with all the effects and titles in I wasn’t much interested. If I wasn’t enjoying it, why would anyone else. So, I have arranged two more Skype interviews with another nurse and Dawns best friend to get an insight into their experience. This may make the documentary not so much a task to watch.

In the meantime I will be adding some music to the background so it isn’t so awkward to watch. I have already found a beginning piece but I now need to find some relevant music for the main body.



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