Frames Per Second (fps)

Research – 10th January 2017

Frames per second or FPS is the frequency at which the camera produces frames. Frame is the professional word for image. 24fps means there are 24 frames taken for 1 second of footage. That’s a lot of photos! The more frames per second there are the smoother the animation is. To fool the brain, the minimum of 16fps is required to make the brain believe the object is moving.frame-per-second_01

Filming animation can be done in two different ways, these are called rather ironically, ones or twos. shooting in ones is where you take one picture of the object and then moving the object slightly and taking the next picture. However, shooting in twos means taking two frames of the same position moving the object and taking another two frames. Using the two method creates a smoother finish to the animation.

Magic water stop motion animation on youtube was filmed in the style ones. the idea behind this is so inventive. it mixes pixilation and clay-motion styles together to form this animation. However, its noticeable that its stop motion as it is quite jumpy, this is due to it being filmed in ones. watching this, although it gives an illusion most people will be able to tell its stop motion as the movement isn’t seamless. Each frame can be seen individually.

Chicken Run, a movie about chicken’s who want to escape being made into pies, is shot using the twos method. The movement of the character is so smooth its unrecognisable its just frame after frame. When watching this film no jumps are made and the movement doesn’t jolt, many people do just believe this film is just an animation due to how well its created. Each frame cannot be seen individually.


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