Creating My Garment – Day 13


Today I sewed all my panels together. This was pretty hard. I am used to sewing the same material together in previous work. But all the different materials used and trying to sew them together was a task. The thinness and softness of the silk compared to the thick hairy felt was the most difficult to sew. When I sewed them together I noticed lots of puckers in the sick painting and it looked horrible! It looked so badly put together I decided to unpick it all and do it again. The second time I put the dog teeth down on the machine and sewn with the silk on top. This way I could manage the silk a lot better.

Batik was the easiest to sew as it is quite stiff and moved any way I wanted. Once all the panels were sewn to form my jacket I realised that the felt was pulling the fabric downwards and making it fall in a different shape than I desired. The silk was so light it started to fold in half. After having a conversation with my teacher, the best way to correct this is to add interfacing to the silk or flat felt to make it sturdier.img_20170113_124103688


2 thoughts on “Creating My Garment – Day 13

    • hannahsilvestermedia January 19, 2017 / 9:52 am

      Thank you, Yes if you look at my coursework blog post is shows how I gathered my ideas to form this garment. I went on holiday to Cyprus and this is where the idea Ocean rust blossomed. Make sure to check it out and hit that like button! x

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