Creating My Garment – Day 2


Today is stared my real garment. I decided to start on Free Machine Embroidery panel first as it is probably one of the quickest ones to do. Also I had only an hours lesson, so tying the string and dying the fabric was doable. This meant then I could leave it over night to dry.

Usually when I tye dye, I have a bucket of dye and literally drown the fabric until it’s soaked. However, this method can only work for dying fabric a whole colour. As my theme is Ocean Rust and I wanted the panel to represent the sea and waves, using 3 different tones of blue would represent the sea more, as the sea is not just one colour. To complete this look I used a paintbrush and dabbed on each colour.

When I came in the next morning and un-tided the fabric. The tye-dye was not how I envisioned it to look. It did not have the usual tye-dye look. It had soft lines and very unique shapes. It looked rather like salt dying. I loved the look it produced and replicated the sea even more than I imagined.


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