Tim Burton

Research 23rd January 2017

Tim Burton is the most well known producer, director and writer there is in the film industry. He has honoured with a Golden lion life achievement work for his unique style; dark, wacky, gothic, comedy fantasy films. Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Alice in wonderland are just some of the many films he has directed. One of his many talents is using stop motion animation to create award-winning films.

James and the Giant Peach was one of Burtons early films he produced. Based on a Roald Dahl novel, a boy enters the inside of a peach and flies in the giant peach to New York. Inside the peach are several bugs that help him on his trip. The first 20 minutes of this film is live action and then once James enters the peach the stop motion animation begins. One of the main advantages for stop motion was being able to keep the costs lower as the whole sets and characters were made from plasticine. Each movement made by a character was smooth however the movement can be quite restricting. Sadly the film is only 50 minutes long due to the time consuming technique that took 3 years to do.  Only two sets were used throughout the stop motion animation which meant it can be quite boring to watch. Inside the peach was the main focus of the animation but occasionally James and his friends went onto the top to see where they were. The characters themselves were incredible simple looking with no detail in the face.

Frankenweenie is one of Burtons more current animations. This was the 4th stop motion animation film he created and also one of the longest at 1 hour 27 minutes. This film won a golden globe award for the best-animated film. The whole production was in black and white to fit in with Burtons unique dark fantasy theme. The movements by each character were so free; the movement was rather human like. Much more detail went into the sets but the characters till had quite simple features. This may be due to the progression of stop motion animation.

Both James and the Giant Peach and Frankenweenie had characters with quite simple facial features. Even though the gap between when they were produced is around 16 years apart, they still have rather similar faces. With basic features, expressions can be changed far easier so all of his animations have this similarity. The main difference between these two films is the sets. In James and the giant Peach only one set was really used and contained a minimal of objects. Compared to Frankenweenie, it had 3 large sets and switched from each frequently. This kept the viewer far more entertained and I believe more of a story could be told.

His work has opened up a brand new genre (dark gothic comedic fantasy). The trademark genre is associated with him in every movie he makes. Its noticeable what films he has produced and created just by this genre. Coraline was inspired by burtons genre and was created by Henry Sillick.


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