Music Videos – Genres and Forms

Research 27 January 2017

Films and short stories are not the only production type that like to use stop motion animation. Music video’s are another way this technique can be shared with the world. Stop motion animations can be very creative with this genre and the possibilities are endless.

Son Lux – Change Is Everything

A very simple concept, a foam background with pins placed in certain ways to create imagery. rubber bands stretched across the pins to create moving pictures.  However, the effect is astonishing and the music video exhibits how much time dedication and effort it took to make. I think this idea is very successful, the imagery matches the theme of the song, at the end all the footage is reversed to show “everything has changed”. The change of background that consisted happens further supports everything changing as back and white are polar opposite colours. Upon research it took 3 weeks planning the imagery being used and a further 2 weeks of non stop filming for this music video to me made. In my opinion the ending is far better as more things happen and far more interesting objects are created. The beginning seems to start off rather slow and I do not think that the first minute does the whole video justice.

My favourite part of this music video is in fact the man throwing up and the flower opening up. When the man throws up the amount of pins used and the movement they have is quite memorising to watch and very visually appealing. The flower opening up has such movement and gives the illusion of the flower blowing in the wind. Although its such a subtle part of the video it was the first thing that caught my eye.


Burn The Witch – Radiohead

The second music video is from a band called Radiohead. they use stop motion plasticine models to tell a story. Although admittedly a quite weird story about burning a “witch” its rather creative, a man show around the village and then is trapped and burnt. Many different sets were used within the video and cleverly all links together at the end. The characters were basic and the movement was quite jolted but I believe it was still a very nice animation to watch.

I believe the main difference between these two music videos is fps. its very clear that Radiohead use the minimal amount of fps, its very noticeable as its very jumpy. on the other hand, Son Lux looks just like a moving image and I think a person without any education in this area would think its an animated video. The second difference is that both music videos use different stop motion techniques. Son Lux uses the cut out animation technique which consists of using objects such as paper or card. Radio head used the clay  motion method which is when characters are made from a moldable material. When watching them both the only similarity I could see between the two is that that they depict the meaning of the song through their animation. These animations are poles apart exhibiting the ideas for stop animation are endless.



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