Animation Diary: Day 4

Filming/editing 6th March 2017

I wanted to change the shot as it was getting rather boring. There was a shoe so I wanted to focus on that. There was a lace in the shoe which I decided the lace can come out of the shoe and then the lace can become a snake. The lace climbing out the shoe was so successful there is something magical about it in my opinion. the shoe lace sort of became a main feature all of a sudden as it was moving across all the memories. I think I will try to include in future work.

As I had time left over I printed off pictures of my friend when we went to new york. I took a burst of pictures of her spinning around in grand central station. so I printed off each frame and took pictures of each picture.  This was quite frustrating as I had to have so much patience but in the end it paid off.



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