A Level Documentary


Documentary Production: day 16

Editing 12th December 2016

As my project is coming to the end, I decided to get my teacher to watch it and tell me what I need to improve on to get the highest grade. The feedback consisted of little improvements such as making the titles longer, adding a transition to a couple of titles and adding more actuality footage. If these tweaks  are made my work should hit the distinction criteria.

I’m going to meet with dawn again and get the last couple of pictures and videos I need just to finish off my documentary. This will create the ending of my documentary and also fill in a couple of boring gaps during the interviews. Lastly, I have a 2 second music gap in which i need to figure out what to do with it.

Documentary production: Day 15

Editing 5th december 2016

I noticed that there was an interview that seemed to go on for a very long time however ii couldn’t cut it down as it was a very important part of the project. She was explaining about a condition William was diagnosed with. So I went and researched and found a video that is explaining what she is talking about. Putting this along side it not only creates more visuals but makes the whole this less boring to watch. I’m so glad I found it.

Documentary Production: Day 14

Editing 1st December 2016

Today I had another two hour lesson and I was quite productive. After watching my documentary through, the Skype interviews had images of me at the bottom and i looked very out of place. So, I downloaded  Skype logo and added over the top of my face to hide it and also explain to the audience its a Skype interview. This took quite a while to do but once done it made the documentary look little bit more professional.

The next thing I decided to do was finding music. The worst part of the creation of this project. I found a 4 minute piece of music from a 2 hour long special in which I cut down and used. This fits quite well as it has both a happy and sad tone. Perfect for this storyline.

Documentary Production: Day 13

Editing 28th November 2016

After filming the horrible Skype interview, I added it into my edited footage. Again, the sound and audio didn’t match up, so annoyingly I had to sit there and match it up. This is the worst part out of the whole of the documentary. Apart from that the things Sharon said worked well and complimented the story dawn was explaining. It adds more visuals to the documentary which hopefully makes it less boring. The editing part took a very long time to do. Next off I need to find more music to fit.

Documentary Production: Day 12

Skype interview 24th November 2016

After watching my footage back, it became a bit boring just having two people talking. So, I thought another Skype interview would be best. So, after having some phone calls I decided to interview Sharon, the godfather to William and best friend to Dawn. The interview went very wrong. Every two minutes my computer started vibrating due to the software i downloaded. So some part of the interview are unusable. The content however was good and will link in well with my already edited story.

Documentary Production: Day 11

Editing 21st November 2016

I am really struggling to find music that fits my documentary. Usually I can find music straight away and found it such a task this time. The documentary is both sad and happy, Music that fits into both of these genres is very hard to do. After searching endlessly on YouTube, I found that piano music worked well. It wasn’t too sad nor too jolly. However, when the pianist got really into playing, it got rather loud so I needed to adjust the sound.  After spending nearly two hours finding music I knew this was going to be the hardest part.

Documentary Production: Day 10

Editing 18th November 2016

Following on from last lesson, I added the Skype interview with Louise into my timeline. I found this very difficult to do. As Dawn told such a detailed story about Williams life, it was hard then to add someone else’s input into the story. What I had to do was delete a story that dawn told if Louise spoke about it so I didn’t have two of the same story.

I watched the documentary back and I found it quite dull. Even with all the effects and titles in I wasn’t much interested. If I wasn’t enjoying it, why would anyone else. So, I have arranged two more Skype interviews with another nurse and Dawns best friend to get an insight into their experience. This may make the documentary not so much a task to watch.

In the meantime I will be adding some music to the background so it isn’t so awkward to watch. I have already found a beginning piece but I now need to find some relevant music for the main body.


Documentary Diary: Day 9

Editing 15th November 2016

I put all the clips onto my computer at school and watched them all through. Without knowing the first two clips out of four filmed both audio and video and the second only audio. Luckily when watching them nothing important was said. I watched the whole interview and cut the bits I liked. The length if the whole interview was 20 minutes but it had to be cut down to 4 minutes. I did this quite easily unlike dawn. Next, I will need to place them into my timeline I have so far and I think this might be a tricky task.

Documentary Diary: Day 8

Filming 14th November 2016

Dawn gave me the contact details of a nurse called Louise and I messaged her and arranged a Skype interview. I downloaded software to record our interview together so I can use it in my Documentary. Once I filmed it all I noticed the clips were very laggy so I don’t know how well they will fit into my documentary but i will just have to wait and find out.