Music Video Production

As part of my Media Studies at A’Level I have to make a music video. Making this video was so much fun for me, it made me realise how much I want to go into the media industry. I spent most of my spare time editing this video to the best of my ability. I am very proud of the outcome and it is everything I initially visualised. I ended up winning a SCAMP Award for the best overall music video. Below is the story of how I created it. Enjoy!


Production Diary: Day 13

Filming – 28th April 2016

Today I shot the last part of my music video. This was the part where it was explained why Evelyn decided to run away. To make it clear, her mother was an alcoholic, she was positioned collapsed in a chair with a glass in her hand and empty wine bottles all round her. The problem that I faced was the way the wine bottles  were placed looked unrealistic. However, when I watched the clips back it didn’t look over exaggerated. Continue reading

Production diary: Day 12

Editing – 26th April 2016

I looked back at the ‘smashing bottles’ shots and thought that if I kept the bottles their original colour but make the background black and white it will create cool visuals. I haven’t really seen many music videos with this technique being used which means my video will stand out from the rest. The part most challenging was to capture Continue reading

Production Diary: Day 10

Editing – 19th April 2016

I wanted to add effects to some of my clips that were not the most exciting or interesting. The first one I played around with was a mirror shot of ink through water. I manipulated the speed of it by having the first section sped up really fast then all of a sudden ending in slow motion. This looks really good and cuts to the beat really well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.52.49 Continue reading